Bizarre States

Bizarre States First Ever Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2015! Ashley Troub, Jovenshire and Jonny Loquasto join us on stage at the Horton Grand Theater!


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This is the first in the Bizarre States Classic series where we will be revisting great episodes from the past!

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You asked and we answered! 100% LISTENER STORIES on this episode of Bizarre States!

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Are the Freemasons tied to Skyrim, the video game? Find out on today's Bizarre States!

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Chobot and Bowser are joined by Ghost Hunter extraordinaire Ashley Troub! They discuss Class A EVPs and home hauntings! Get ready for some Spoooooky Sh*t!

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Bowser and Jess derail the podcast with sex talk and then re-rail with a breakdown of the documentary, The Nightmare. 

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Ufologist, artist and filmmaker Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell shares his philosophy on what's out there.


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Jess is back and boring us with her talk about occult book, The Oera Linda. Bowser & Jess try out the Charlie Charlie Challenge!

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Lobotomies! Hauntings! Witches! Oh my! Bowser sits down with Nerdist's own Head of Social Media, Michelle Buchman, to discuss her hometown - which also happens to be the MOST HAUNTED CITY IN AMERICA!!!

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Mercy killing or just murder? Bowser and Jessica chat about the British Columbia Facebook killing.

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