Bizarre States

This week Jess and Bowser discuss the theory behind Making A Murderer and the haunted house in Indiana!

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Jess is back! Bowser talks about a truely depressing documentary and then Jess delves into the NASA Challeneger cover-up!

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Bowser is solo again this week! He goes through the history of cat funerals, goes on a rant about Sundance and reads listener stories!

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This week, Bowser goes solo! We’ve got an update on Bowser’s backyard news, ghost pizza, horror movie reviews and listener mail!

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Jonny Loquasto is back with more EVPs and chats with Jessica and Bowser about ghost cats, Grimm Reaper sightings and haunted places in LA!

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Happy New Year! Jessica and Bowser are back for the first episode of 2016 where they talk about elevator accidents, Making A Murderer (SPOILERS), and backyard news!


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In this holiday special, Chobot explains the history of Christmas!

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This week Bowser has some unfortunate backyard news but then gets into Kentucky Goblins, odd mishaps in time and of course, listener mail!

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Jess is back running solo this week! She talks ghost ships and the Metal Library!

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Bowser is back in solo mode so he's invited Makayla Lynn to talk about her experience in the paranormal!

If you don't want to hear Bowser's Back Yard News, skip to 10:43.

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