Bizarre States

While Jess is away, Bowser is joined by a special returning guest/host Clarke Wolfe!

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Jess and special guest host Baby-Face Bowser chat about the hidden Nazi artifacts found in Argentina, stolen saint brains in tea pots, the story of the arborist who gets revenge on a mayor a nd they read some listener stories about ghosts!

Jess is away at E3 so this week Bowser is joined by Aristotle for weird of the week! And then as a special treat, we get to hear stories from Stephen, TL, B-Comp, Sax and Marhyan from around the Legendary Digital offices!

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Jess and Bowser talk this week about their first on-location shoot, vaginal wasp nests,  and the story of how Troy was discovered!

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Today's episode is all Listner Stories! There's also some Weird of The Week sprinkled in and 2 big announcements from Bowser and Jess!

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