Bizarre States

Jessica is joined by Nerdist's very own Alicia Lutes! They talk about the dildo bandit, the man with the 19" penis, Japanties USA and ALIENS!

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Bowser and Jess are back this week with "Welcome to Poo Corner", weird Detroit stories, #japanty and Chobot's ghost town trip!

Note: There is a buzz in this episode 

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To celebrate Friday The 13th, Jess and Bowser are joined by Brad Meltzer to talk about ALL THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES!

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No guest this week which means we get some awesome butt stories, ghost prince, the Chilean UFO and listener stories!

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Jess and Bowser are kicking off 2017 with Todd Luoto and Jon Frechette! They start with preshow poop/swear stories, Charles Manson, Sinbad and the story of Polybius!

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