Bizarre States

A strange object found near Jupiter, mysticore, frogmen. All this and more on this episode of Bizarre States!

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Bowser and Jess talk some Weird of The Week, Skype with author Rob Gutro and Bowser has some EPIC Backyard News!

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In this special bonus episode, Bowser sits down with Gus Krieger, the writer/director of The Binding and its two stars Amy Gumenick and Josh Heisler!

You can buy The Binding on BluRay now!

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Bizarre States' first live stream on Twitch! Jess and Bowser went live to talk about Michigan's Pompeii, the Belair mansion and some listener stories!

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Bowser is sick this week so Jess flys solo to tell us some Weird of The Week, listener stories and Aristotle briefly talks about his trip to LACMA's Guillermo Del Toro Exhibit.

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