Bizarre States

It's here! The first-ever Video edition of Bizarre States. Chobot and Bowser hunker down in the haunted Meltdown Comics building for a night-vision cloaked overnight! Hear the history of the spooky comic shop, listener stories, and a special reading from everyone's favorite childhood nightmare-inducer SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK. Will Chobot and Bowser make it out alive? Do they contact the other side through the use of a Ouija Board? Does Bowser learn the name of the unrestful spirit? Watch the episode and find out! 

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Max Landis hangs with Bizarre States and chats about disembodied voices and disappearing persons.

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Jonny Loquasto is back with some mysterious EVP recordings from Gettysburg! Jess brings the listener stories and further spookiness abounds!

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